At Magnes, we believe and thrive to deliver - Beyond the Best.


Our Philosophy

    • We are Curious.

      We Dream.

      We Experiment.

      We Fail.

      We Question.

      We Learn.

      We Create.

  • Culture at Magnes encourage everyone to apply first-principle thinking and design products right up from scratch, vertically integrating each sub-system ensuring high performance, efficiency and safety delivered to our customers.

    How it Works

    Magnes Ecosystem consists of 3 modules, Magnes Assist, Magnes 360 & Magnes Arena which ensures a completely unique & thrilling racing experience.



    • Impact Absorbing Mechanism - We don’t like crashes. So ION takes it for you.
    • ION Assist - Track marshals ensures unforeseen accidents via wireless controls.
    • Dual Braking- Hydraulic Braking assisted with Electronic locking.
    • High tensile Chassis - Automotive Grade material & well-analysed trusses ensures stiffness.
    • ION Artery - Automotive Grade cable harness which is water resistant in order to avoid any electronic mishaps.

    Ergonomics & Aesthetics

    • Adjustable Pedal Assembly to adopt racer’s height.
    • Inclined Seat position - Lowers Center of Gravity which enhances speed at corners along with Formula styled positioning.


    • 3 Programmable Speed modes.
    • High Thrust - Peak torque from Zeroth RPM takes you to maximum velocity in no time.
    • Easy-to-Drive Vehicle Dynamics - Ensures tight & efficient Cornering in driving.


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